Hurricane Katrina
My experiences as a Red Cross Volunteer in Louisiana. The movie below is a DVD I made and reduced in size and quality to view on this web site. If any of my fellow volunteers stumble across this web site and would like a copy of the DVD for viewing on their large screen TV in clear video please email me. I will send you the DVD.

Ray Beaufait

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State Of Emergency

Video Created And Produced By Ray Beaufait
Beau Productions LLC

This video is 35 minutes long but is very entertaining with news clips, and actual photos taken by myself and other Red Cross volunteers. This video is 18 MBs in size and will take some time to load. Recommend only high speed connections view this site.

The video was pieced together from TV, Internet videos and over 500 pictures we took while working in the disaster area. The video is choreographed with music.

The video starts with the storm flooding homes and leads into interviews and pictures of the those affected by this catastrophe. Followed by hundreds of pictures and video never seen before taken by myself and others Red Cross volunteers that were first on the scene. The video download time is well worth the wait.