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About Art and the LDA

Art Sellinger is a two-time National Long Drive Champion who has traveled worldwide conducting clinics and exhibitions. He is a member of the Pinnacle and Cobra Golf Distance Team, owner of Long Drivers of America, and producer of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship/ESPN.
Art is also a contributing editor to Golf Tips Magazine and is recognized as the "Authority on Power Golf" by the Golf Channel.

Because of Art's efforts Long Drivers from around the world have a chance to compete in an event that is televised each year by the ESPN television network.

Hello, many of you know me as beau1943 the web master of Golf Swings web site created in 1998. At the age of 62 I started entering the LDA competitions. I have won or qualified in over 14 local competitions and have competed in 10 districts competitions. I made in to the shoot out finals in 7 of the districts and I finallly won the PA. District in 2007.

While competing in the World Finals I came in officially 13th with the 5th longest drive in my division.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience, more than anything since Fuzzy Zoeller took me to the Masters.. I have been playing golf for 17 years and have never felt the excitement and adrenaline rush that I received competing in these events.

I am not a great golfer as my handicap has never been lower than an 8 and I presently maintain a 10 - 11 handicap. I only mention this to show that if you can hit it long you don't have to be a great or low handicapper to compete successfully in these events. Just hit it long into a 40 yard grid area.

The contests are professional and well run from the locals to the world championships.

The competitions have age groups so that all competitors have a chance to compete no matter what your age. The column to your right has more detailed information on how you can compete in your local events. Visit the LDA web site and sign up (free) or better yet join the LDA. Click on the links provided for more information.

Ray (Beau) Beaufait
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