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Long Drive Competitor Sites

Art Sellinger

Jason Zuback

Steve Griffith

Kevin Bullard

Sean Fister

Bill Schroeder

Dan Boever

Ray Beaufait

Lee Brandon

Brian Pavlet

Carl Wolter

Lisa Vlooswyk

Vincent Ciurluini

Bobby Wilson

Mike Moulton

David Mobley

Obie Anderson

Leanne Quinn

Gerry James

John Marshall

Glen Stroberg

Dan Caywood

Fred Hooter

Jim Liska
The left hand column has a list of sites promoting the sport of Long Driving. Visit the sites to learn more about the sport and the participants. If you're a long drive competitor with a web site and wish to be added to this list email me at You will be added to the list.

Join the Long Drivers of America

“We thank you for your interest in the Long Drivers of America, the premier association in the sport of long drive. The LDA is the largest governing body of long drive competitions in the world and is widely recognized as the producer of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship on ESPN.

Membership renewal and registration begins each year. We are pleased to announce that in the coming year, LDA members will receive, for their $200 annual membership fee, benefits with a retail value of more than $300. That means LDA members are over $100 ahead even before they put a peg in the ground, place a Pinnacle on the peg and take it deep.

Our equipment and apparel items complement many other attractive LDA member benefits including: Two AccuFlex golf shafts ($200 value), $50 discounts on 2007 RE/MAX WLDC entry fees at the district level and a 10-percent discount off sensationally low prices for long drive equipment offered by Sellinger's Power Golf, as well as insurance coverage during LDA-sanctioned events. Best of all, membership allows you to compete in the LDA Tour “Members Only” Events with prize money of $50,000 or more!

Art Sellinger

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