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Title: Golf clubs --- Gripping your putter
Post by: on April 29, 2010, 10:54:15 PM

Most golf students who have trouble putting all have one thing in common. That is, they tend to grip the putter in the exact same manner that they grip the other clubs in their bag: using an overlapping grip or an interlocking grip.
These students have no idea just how important it is to hold the putter differently for the best results.
The Reverse Overlap Grip

As stated above, there are all sorts of ways pros grip their clubs. But let's try discussing just one that has served a lot of people well in the past as far as putting goes.To optimize your putting, let's try learning the “reverse overlap grip” which is a favorite with advanced amateur golfers & Tour professionals.

This type of grip will help keep the putterface perfectly square to the ark of your stroke.

The face will also travel right down through the target line. Here is a very simple 4 step guide to using a reverse overlap grip.

Step 1: Take your putter with both hands and hold it upside down so hat the clubface is pointing towards the sky.  The grip should be right in front of your face, kind of like holding a baseball bat before a swing.

(Holding the club this way will help you learn the proper set up for he reverse overlap grip. If you try to find it by gripping the putter in ts normal fashion, close to the ground, it may be too difficult to adjust your hands to.)

Step 2: Now take your left hand and place it on the putter handle. Your thumb should be pointing down the shaft and your index finger should be kept off it for now.

Step 3: The next step is to take the fleshy part of your right hand and put it on the flat part of the grip. The thumbs should be pointing down. So far, if you have correctly followed these instructions, all of your fingers should be neatly wrapped around the handle of your putter. All except for your left index finger.

Step 4: Finally, take your right hand and slide it down the shaft until just your left thumbnail is covered up. Both of your thumbs should be pointing straight down the shaft, and your left index fingerwill overlap the fingers of your right hand.

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Title: Re: Golf clubs --- Gripping your putter
Post by: GolfSwingProfessional on May 17, 2010, 08:49:46 PM
Thanks for the tips!

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