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Geoff Ogilvy's Golf Swing Highlights

Full Name: Geoffrey Charle Ogilvy
Born: June 11, 1977
Adelaide, South Australia , Australia
Height: 6-2
Weight: 180 lbs.

Geoff Ogilvy enjoys PGA limelight

Geoff Ogilvy relished the moment as he took centre stage at the US PGA Championship and matched the world's two best golfers shot for shot. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson went head to head in a major for the first time since the final round of the 2001 Masters when Woods completed the Tiger-Slam. But US Open champion Ogilvy was comfortable in the limelight as all three members in the marquee match of 2006 majors winners shot three-under-par 69s.

"I'm pretty happy really. We all played quite well and I tied the best two golfers in the world. What more can you want? "The danger when you play with guys like that is you can become a spectator and just watch them play. I've played with both of them a few times now, so that doesn't happen much anymore."

Woods and Mickelson are used to huge galleries and dozens of photographers following their every move, but it's a new experience for Ogilvy, who was surprised at the scene that greeted him when he arrived at the 10th tee to start his round. There were about a thousand fans present, and they seemed almost outnumbered by media. "I'd never seen anything like that at 8.30 in the morning, two miles from the clubhouse," said Ogilvy. "The media presence, the photographers, were just incredible. I didn't know there were that many cameras in Illinois.

Geoff defeated Davis Love III 3 and 2 to capture the 2006 WGC-Match Play Championship at La Costa. In 2005, earned his first PGA TOUR victory capturing the Chrysler Classic of Tucson. Defeated Kevin Na and Mark Calcavecchia in a sudden-death playoff. Recorded his first top 10 in a major with a T5 finish at the British Open in St. Andrews. Posted back-to-back top 10s in majors for the first time in his career with a T6 finish at the PGA Championship. Also T3 last year at Disney. First Masters appearance. Then he won the 2006 US Open..........Now most everyone that pays any attention to golf knows who Geoff Ogilvy is.

Geoff Ogilvy admits he used to be pretty hard on himself. You’re useless, he’d say after one of his drives strayed into the deep rough. What in the world do you think you’re doing out here? You don’t belong with these guys.

“It was probably pretty embarrassing what I said to myself,” the Aussie recalled Sunday. “If you had talked to anyone else the way I talked to me, you wouldn’t be friends with them. I was hopeless.”

Ogilvy is something of a late bloomer -- a “slow learner,” he says -- who doesn’t usually jump to the forefront when people discuss of the strong contingent of Australian golfers. Not to mention, he’s frequently confused with American Joe Ogilvie.

Ogilvy, who grew up in Melbourne playing the great courses of Australia’s Sand Belt, says he used to think he was just mad when he berated himself over a bad shot. He gradually learned, though, it’s not temper as much as negative emotions.

“Tiger gets as angry as anyone, and everyone in this room probably thinks he’s the best mentally out here in history,” Ogilvy said. “It can’t be the anger thing. He keeps it under control and it doesn’t affect his next shot. He never sits in here and tells you he plays bad even if he does play bad. He just won’t admit it. “That’s probably his strongest attribute because it never affects him. So I’ve been trying my best to be a bit more positive about it.”

“It’s silly, but it works,” Ogilvy said. “If you hit a good shot, you should tell yourself you hit a good shot. Before, if I hit a good shot, (I’d still say), oh, that was a bit off the toe. That’s what a lot of guys do. You can hear other guys whisper under their breath about it.

“It’s really quite elementary when you think about it – if you just pat yourself on the back and don’t get too despondent when you hit a bad one. It’s not rocket science but it can have an effect.”

Ogilvy is a winner and will alway be a contender in any tournament he enters.

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