Golf Swing Video below

Barack Obama

Barack Obama's golf swing is pretty decent. I believe with some help and practice he could become a 10 handicap or less.

He has always been athletic and still plays basketball well into his forties. He moves very well on the basketball court and appears to be very coordinated. Watching his golf swing in the video he appears to be very balanced through out his swing.

I believe with a little practice he will be a much better golfer than a bowler. He will also get a lot of practise in bowling now that he has a bowling alley in his home.

It is said Obama hits a golf ball over 200 yards, but I will bet he can and has the potential to hit the golf ball at least 250 yards.

Some say the reason for his loss in distance off the tee is because of his chicken wing movement at contact. I have not seen enough of his swings to determine if he does chicken wing it or not.

Barack Obama loves to play golf and took up the sport to meet people and realized after getting into politics that a lot of business is transacted on the golf course. It is also a good way to relieve the pressures of everyday life. Hopefully he will become the President I think he will be and golf will be an excellent way for him to get away from the everyday stress of running our country.

Obama allegedly sports a 16 handicap, but that is not official or posted anywhere. For someone that plays very little a 16 handicap is pretty good. Obama's setup is square to the target and his posture and alignment appears to be ok. His backswing is controlled and he is focused on the right moves within the swing. Of course on the downswing where it all counts he loses control somewhere within the swing. Although I have never seen him play I am sure he is ball bound. Which means he doesn't trust his swing. It is said he hits a lot of balls to the left which is a slice for a left handed golfer.

Click Here for a video of BARACK OBAMA'S golf swing

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