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Lincoln's Table

A President's Culinary Journey from Cabin to Cosmopolitan

By Donna D. McCreary

Donna McCreary is one of the leading Mary Todd Lincoln presenters in the nation. In this book, she has compiled over 125 recipes enjoyed by the Lincoln family. From his boyhood cabins in Kentucky and Indiana to the elegant dining room of the White House, these foods nourished the man who lead our country during its most turbulent time. Blended with the recipes and menus are intimate glimpses of the Lincolns' lives at home, stories about their entertainment, and the love Lincoln felt for his family. .

Cooks and historians will enjoy recipes ranging from rustic Corn Bread and Rail Splitters and the Gingerbread Men Lincoln so loved as a boy, to the delectable Mary Todd's Courting Cake and French-chef-inspired menus from the Presidential years.

Hard Cover - Retail $33.95 - Illustrated.
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ISBN-13 978-0-9795383-1-5

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Lincoln's Table

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