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Click here to Download
Barack Obama "Yes We Can"

When the dialog boxes appears click save and save it to your computer.

Make sure you click SAVE and not run. If the security information bar appears in your browser (top of page) click it and allow blocked content.

After the program downloads to your computer, locate it and just click on to play. Barack Obama Yes We Can program runs on all Windows operating systems.

This is a self contained Windows executable program and it plays on its own. If you have any problems with your download email Beau Productions and we will get with you ASAP.

Screen Saver Launcher lets you choose any of our digital programs to run as a screensaver. To install, download to a directory of your choice, I always use desktop, simply unzip, right-click and click Install on the context menu. You can then use Screen Saver Launcher just like any other Windows screensaver. Go to your display properties and click on the screen savers tab. Then select screen saver launcher as your screen saver. Use browse to find the file Barack_Obama.exe on your desktop or where ever you downloaded the file.
Click here to Download and take advantage of any of your programs as a screensaver.

This program is virus checked and protected.

Important - Please Read
Our multimedia programs require Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer browser. You can download the latest updates (Free) of WMP or IE from Microsoft's web site if needed. 99.9% of all computers purchased after 1998 will have no problems.

If the unlikely chance any of the videos within the programs do not play open Windows Media Player - click on tools - click on options - click file types or formats - click select all - click apply and ok. This will make Windows Media Player your default viewer for multimedia files.

If the program still does not play try the following before emailing Beau Productions for help.

Make sure you run the program as an administrator of your PC. On some vista models you will have to right click the file icon and select properties...than compatibility.....than click the box and run the program as a Windows 2000 program....

If you need any assistance with your program please contact
Ray Beaufait at Beau Productions
EMAIL Address: