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Do any of the Professionals below own the perfect golf swing?

Tiger - Arnold - Bobby - Jack - John - Fred - Greg - Sam

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Golf Swings believes the perfect golf swing is a myth. What might be right for you may be different for the next golfer because no one has the same body built and/or flexibility.

The notion that there’s one perfect swing for all golfers is misguided at best. Everyone’s golf swing should be determined in its shape and form by the individual’s shape and form. Since none of us are built the same, each golfer must find the swing that best suits his or her physique. To go against this basic concept will frustrate or hamper the progress of your golf game for years to come.

Each amateur golfer should learn the basics, such as grip, stance, line up, take away, downswing, swing pane, and finish. Then Practice the basics until the swing becomes second nature. The perfect golf swing for you is when you square the club head at impact. At the same time generating the most club head speed possible based on your strength and flexibility.

Golf's Ultimate Long Drive story and swing instructions

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This book consists of two very different parts. Part one is the story of my 50 plus year golf career and the reasons why I learned to hit my drives farther than my peers. It also includes my 25-year quest to compare my driving skills with the competitors at the World Long Drive Championship.

The second part contains detailed instructions.

Thank You,
Steve Griffith

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