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Tiger's Golf Swing Videos

Tiger Woods - 8 Free quality videos below

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Tiger's Golf Swing

Click on Tiger's images above for short video clips of his golf swing. These two videos are for my golf friends that still use dial up connections.

Streaming Videos For Broadband Connections


Tiger Woods' video extraordinary! Poetry In Motion - Must see this slow motion video. Click on Tiger's image to the left. Once you are transferred to the video site use your browser's refresh to view over and over again. Use full screen view if possible.


Tiger's Club Head Speed

Click on image to view Tiger's club head speed. An Excellent Video! Well worth the loading time to view.

Tiger's perfect golf swing

Click on the image above to view video of Tiger's swing in slow motion. Swing Confidence at it's best. Enjoy! One of the best videos of Tiger's golf swing on the WWW.

Now view Tiger's Hole In One at the Phoenix Open. Watch Tiger hit a hole in one on the famous and/or infamous 16th hole at the Phoenix Open. Watch the crowd go crazy! A great clip but the video size is 2 MB or about a 5 minute download on a 56K connection. Click the image to the right to view this video. Exciting!

Tigers Woods

Drives Par Four
Click on image above to view Tiger drive the green on a par 4. Tiger cuts the dogleg and drives the ball to a green measured 388 yards from the tee. You will enjoy this one! (File size 2 MB)
Tiger Woods 2005 Masters

Master's Magic

Please be patient while videos load. Streaming Video.

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