Opening Gates
Equine Assisted Counseling and Learning
5006 Charlestown Pike, Jeffersonville, Indiana
Donations by check may be sent to Opening Gates, c/o Shara Wiesenauer, 5006 Charlestown Pike, Jeffersonville, IN 47130.
Mikey and the other horses work for their hay, grain, and clean bedding.
Opening Gates has been a not-for-profit organization offering counseling services to residents of Southern Indiana since 2008.  Our funding comes from individual and business donations, fundraising events such as community Easter and Halloween parties, golf scrambles, pancake breakfasts, and restaurants holding Opening Gates days, carry-out dinners, and foundation grants.
Opening Gates, Inc., would not be possible if it were not for the many people who have given of their time, made donations, or both. Words cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have such wonderful supporters of this organization and its programs. Here's a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have done so much, and continue to do so much, for Opening Gates.
Those who attend our Carry-Out Meals fundraisers
Those who attended our golf scramble
Those who attended Rocky's and Marks Feedstore restaurants for their Opening Gates days
Patrons of Hunters Brook Farm programs who give in support of our efforts and those who allow their children to volunteer
Thank you for everything...                       Shara
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J & J Lawn Service
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Hess
Mr. & Mrs. David Wiegman
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kruse
Shannon Holt
Mrs. & Mrs. James Alexander
Miriam Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Jones
Coronado Stone
Dorothy Marshall
Barbara Bibb
Mary White
Gool Randelia
Leyla Nouri
Katie WArren
Mr. & Mrs. J Spencer Johnson Jr
Ladonne Patterson
Mr. & Mrs. William Shannon
 Julia Carothers
Nancy Klumb
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Platt
Ordner Farrier Service
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Sawyer
Mr. & Mrs. David Scott
Mr. Lisa Kirchner-Moore
Adams Law Office, PC
Mr. & Mrs Brian Keith
Mr. & Mrs. Josh Smart
Community Foundation of Southern IN
Clark County Sheriff's Office
Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Blankenship
Jason Wiesenauer
Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Hall
Ms. Carole Wilson
Ms. Deanna Morrow
Jim Walls, Ted Walls, Jackie Lee & Terri Edgman (in Memory of Mx. Betty Kelly)
Ms. Amanda Cain
Mr. & Mrs. Kathleen Shannon
Ms. Nancy Hughes
Ms. Sally Sowder
Mr. Rick VanGilder
Mrs. Lorie Nevils
Mr. Jeffrey Lovan
Ms. Joyce Tomlinson (in memory of Ms. Betty Kelly)
Mr. & Mrs. Max Wiesenauer
Mr. & Mrs. Chad Wiesenauer
Maryhurst, Inc.
Holly & Krista Perdue (in memory of Ms. Betty Kelly)
Cunningham Campers
Mr. Bill Stamper
Mr. Jonathan Carter
Mr. David Miller
Mr. Todd Dome
Mr & Mrs David Carlisle & family
Mr. & Mrs. Jared Combs
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Schoo
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Huffman
 Shiloh Walker, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Doug King
Mr. & Mrs.Thurman Lanham
Local 558 Jeffersonville Firefighters (Jeffersonville City Police)
Hanger Drug Company
Treasurer of Floyd Co., IN (ATOD)
United Way of Bartholomew County Inc.
Mr. David DAvis
Kayla Taff
Jordyn Jansa
Beth Petri
Zach Habron
Mr. & Mrs. Gerry TAff
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Perdue (in memory of Ms. Betty Kelly)
Mr. & Mrs. Levois Davis
Diversified Insurance
Ms. Shawna Gage
Howard Chiropractic Center
Point Package Liquors
Land-Mill Developers, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Townsend
Gray & Wells Collision Ctr., Inc
Southeastern IN Title Co
Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Taff (in memory of Tom Taff & Mary Cook)
Boy Scout Troop 4406 (Speed, IN)
Greentree Real Estate Service
Especially Pets, PSC
Prudential Parks & Weisberg Realtors
HamHed, LLC
Ms. Tina Dotson
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Stone
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Temple
Mr. Jeffrey Waiz
Ms. Peggy Haas
Mr. Robert J Moffett
Ms. Paula Corbett
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Gallagher
Tommy Sheets Show Horses
Ms. Genevieve Brumleve
Ms. Cheryl Carpenter
Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon McCullum
Ms. Pat Schickel
Ms. Sharronna Zollman
Mr. Michael Day
Belterra Casino
Richard Parks
Mr. Sean Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Nancy
Mr. Dustin Isaacs
Mr. Michael Osborne
New Washington State Bank
Texas Roadhouse
Papa Johns
Mr. & Mrs. Herb Dobson & family (in memory of Ms. Betty Kelly)
Hidden Creek Golf Colurse
Gaslight Equine Veterinarian Practice
Mr. Steve Case
Mr. JT Cox
Mr. Adam Doherty
Richard Simpson
Subway (Meijer Road)
Mr. Jim Keown
Mr. & Mrs. C William Lohmeyer
Ms. Kathy Kirchner
Mr. & Mrs. Grey Neely
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Hess
Ms. Nancy McPherson
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Eve Ann Jordan
Ms. Susan Klumb
Ms. Kerri Vaughn
Hunters Brook Farm, LLC
Ms. Casey Meiner
Nancy Floral Shoppe
Target in Clarksville
Meijer (Jeffersonville)
Mr. & Mrs. Tom King
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Parsons
Direct Sales and Marketing
C & H Security
First Harrison Bank
Mr. & Mrs. John Shive
Mr. & Mrs. David Reinhardt
Mr. John Alston
Mr. Darrell Neeld
Mr. BD Ledbetter
Jeffersonville Evening Optimist
Quality Community Services, Adult Day Program
Mr. & MrsBrian Hooper
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Vonch
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Miller
Ms. Carrie Sterrett
Ms. Geneva Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Conn
Ms. Rita Sasse
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Cain
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Taff
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Jansa
Ms. Aimee Bowling
Trinity United Methodist Church
Ms. Alex Morgan
Boy Scout Troop 15 (Trinity United Methodist Church)
Sam's Club in Clarksville
Ms. Jane Faulkenstein
Mr. & Mrs. Bill King
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Provide a Scholarship $120
Paddock Partner
 2011, 2014
 Community Foundation of Southern Indiana
 2011, 2014
 Independent Pilots Association
 Youth Philantrophy Council, CRSI
 2010, 2011, 2014                                          
 Horseshoe Foundation of Floyd County
 Drug Free Communities Grant - Floyd County
 Drug Free Communities Grant - Clark County