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Aubrey Alexander
Providence Pioneers' top player enjoys role as leader

By JEFF ROBINSON Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal
Photo By Durell Hall, Jr., The Courier-Journal

 Aubrey Alexander found a fondness for golf after taking up the sport four years ago. "I really love the game," she said.

Aubrey Alexander possesses something golfers would love to have — a temperament well-suited for the sport.

That disposition is coming in handy this season as a role model for an inexperienced girls' team at Providence High School.

"She has a perfect temperament for golf," coach John Black said. "She doesn't worry about a bad shot; she just moves on to the next one. Players like that are unusual and make very good leaders for your team."

Alexander is the squad's unquestioned leader. She is a four-year starter and the lone senior on a team that includes four players who never had picked up a club before this season.

The team is composed of Alexander, three juniors, four sophomores and two freshmen. And Alexander, who is averaging 42 shots per nine holes, is comfortable with her role.

"I looked up to the players who were older than me as I was coming through the program," she said. "So I have taken it upon myself to be a leader on the team because we have so many young players. I take it seriously because I had a lot of help during my younger years on the team. I learned a lot from the girls before me."

Last season the Lady Pioneers won sectional and regional titles and advanced to the state tournament with six seniors and only one junior — Alexander.

This season's team lacks the experience but has made significant strides in a short time, Black said. In one week Providence played two matches, shooting 486 in the first and 423 in the second. Alexander has been low medalist in eight of 12 matches.

She began playing golf four years ago and has spent three years at the varsity level. Her father, Russell Alexander, is an assistant coach at Providence and played a large role in her taking up the game. He boasts a single-digit handicap.

"He got me started and has really taught me a lot about the game," Aubrey Alexander said.

She also has teamed with some skilled golfers — including Gretchen Zoeller, the youngest daughter of Fuzzy Zoeller. Zoeller graduated last year, and Alexander played a number of times in front of the PGA Tour great.

"I have been fortunate to have been around players like her," Alexander said. "It was a great experience to meet Gretchen's dad. It definitely made me want to play better when he came out to watch."

The 5-foot-10 inch Alexander has averaged 45 shots per round in her career and routinely drives the ball 240 yards. Hitting the ball off the tee and putting are her strengths.

Her game has improved through hard work. Last week in the Sunnyside Classic at Covered Bridge Golf Course, Alexander shot a personal-best 39. Black ranks Alexander among the top-10 females to play at Providence, a program that has had three Zoellers in its ranks.

In addition to playing for Providence, Alexander has worked part time the past three years at the Jeffersonville Elks Club golf course.

"My work is a lot of fun because it allows me to be around golf all the time," she said.

She hopes to stay around the game after high school. Alexander, who holds a 3.44 grade-point average, wants to earn a golf scholarship and become a dentist or orthodontist.

"I really love the game, and the great thing about golf is that it is not a sport I will get to play three or four years in high school, but one I can play for the rest of my life," she said. "I definitely plan to do that."

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  • Full Name: Aubrey M. Alexander
  • Birth Date: Jan. 2, 1986
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 140
  • Years Played: 4
  • Best Tournament Score: 82

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  • Mailing Address: Aubrey Alexander, 3017 Callaway Dr., Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130
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  • Telephone: 812 285 9754

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