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Aubrey Alexander

Video Clips of Aubrey's Golf Swing

This page contains video clips of Aubrey's golf swing. You will note that her swing is smooth and powerful. Aubrey can hit a golf ball better than average distances and has hit some drives as long as 300 yards. Higher quality video links of Aubrey's golf swing are located below for anyone that might be interested. The embeded video viewed at the right has been reduced in quality for faster loading from the Internet Server to your PC.

Windows Media Player 7.0 or better is a requirement to view videos as intended. Most all upgraded computers will have the minimum requirements. Click here to download the latest Windows Media Player for your system if needed.

Video clips are 200 - 500 KB in size

  • Full Swing (Better Quality of video being shown)
  • Chipping the ball
  • Full Swing 2
  • Putting

  • Aubrey hitting driver

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