A RE/MAX World Long Drive Champion in 2005
2nd Place in 2007 & 2008 RE/MAX WLDC
Longest Drive 395 yards in WLDC

Name: Steve Griffith
Home: Hamilton, Ohio
Wife: Diana Griffith
Daughters: Daina Michelle Griffith
Remey Griffith - Chicago, Illinois
Birth Date: March 1, 1950
College: Miami University
Graduate degree: Nova Southeastern University
Profession: Elementary School teacher

Steve Griffith has been playing golf since he was 10 years old. His best round ever was a 65 at the Elks Country Club of Hamilton, Ohio. Steve has been a scratch golfer for the past 20 years.

His longest drive ever in competiton was 395 yards. Steve started in long drive competitions when he was 51 years old and 4 years later he became a world champion.

Steve is a devoted husband and family man. Steve's education and profession is teaching school and he is very dedicated to see that his students succeed in life and as a person.

Of course, when Steve is not teaching school he is playing golf and also teaching others to play golf. He is also a professional golf long drive champion and a golf show entertainer.

Steve's hobbies are helping others reach their full potential and being the best husband and dad he can be to his wife and daughter. His goals and what he seeks each day is leaving the world a better place because of his actions and he was there to help.

I really appreciate each and everyone who has followed my career and have encouraged me to continue to compete. Without your encouragement and support I would have never became a world long drive champion and continue my efforts to win another world long drive championship. One championship and three 2nd place finishes in the past 6 years would not have happened without your encouragement to keep going over the age of 60.

Below are three different offers for your consideration. As you probably know I am a school teacher by trade and I also love teaching the game of golf to everyone desiring to hit it longer.



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