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About Us
The United States Senior Long Drive Championships (USSLDC) was created in 2014 by Sam Turner. Sam is a long driver himself, and has competed for years in the Re/Max World Long Drive Championships.

The USSLDC is a great long drive event for seniors 45 years and older. The USSLDC consists of 6 divisions (see home page and sign up page) by age. Some of the worlds best long drivers in history compete in this event. The entry fee is small but the notoriety and rewards are large. The championships are open to all seniors wishing to compete.

Are you long? If so, this is a contest against the best in the world. Join us today.
We are very appreciative of the RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships or Long Drivers of America for giving us long drivers an opportunity for years to compete in a sport we love. But, we believe there is now room for a separate senior long drive competition organization. Many of the long drivers of the past are reaching their senior years and still want to compete.

The RE/MAX World Long Drive Competitions concentrate more on the younger open division because of the youth and 400 plus yard drives they hit. We believe there should be an organization just for the senior golfers.

The United States Senior Long Drive Championships was created for all seniors across the US and the world. It is open to all senior for a small entry fee. We believe it is just as impressive for a 50 year old to hit a golf ball over 325 yards as it is for younger long drive competitor who hits it over 400 yards. We think most senior golfers will agree with this.

We hope many seniors will compete in our event and also compete in the World Long Drive Championships.
The following are a few of Sam's accomplishments in his long drive competitions.

Started long drive in 2003.
Won the Minnesota district in 2005 and 2006.
Won Michigan district in 2007 with drive of 352.
2008 place 3rd in Ohio district and longest drive of 374 yards.
Also place 3rd in Michigan and 4th in Illinois district in 2008.
Best finish in Mesquite was 15th in 2011 and 18th in 2005.

Started the Heartland LD Classic in 2007.
Brought in the Regional Re/Max LD to Decatur in 2011 with the help of Glen Stroberg who is site director.

Wife Joanne
Daughters Amy and Ashley
Grand Kids Kylie and Ragen
Retired Environmental Eng. from Archer Daniels Midland.