United States Senior Long Drive Championship Competitors


SEPTEMBER 29TH & 30TH 2017
Visit the Past Results link above to review results in detail.

Seniors 45+
Mike Bauman - 3rd

Vincent Ciurluini - Champion

Frank Campitelli - 2nd
Eddie Frenandes
Damon Doan
David Beach
John Novosel
Tom Garber
Super Seniors 50+
James Jackson
Tom Garber - 4th
Vincent Ciurluini - 2nd
Serge Caya
Frank Campitelli - 3rd
Brian Stucky

John Bassinger - Champion

Rich Urish
Scott Kennedy
Chris McLean
Ron Schira
David Lynch
Lynn Ray
Raymond Reitzel
Kevin Hughes
Grand Champion 55+
Ivan Sanders
Camillo Natale
Al Dobson
Dan Robinson
Brian Stucky - 4th
John Bassinger - 3rd
Greg Lucas
Bob Sturner
Ron Schira - 2nd

Doug Pennerman - Champion

Legends 60+
Ivan Sanders
Mike Kiefer
George Moisoff - 2nd
Matt Schulten - 3rd
Rick Tijerina

David Brinker - Champion

Masters 65+
David Brinker - 2nd
David Johnson

Dixon Spear - Champion

Doug Lanzara
Ivan Sanders
Roy Bechtol - 4th
Steve McCrory
Ray Hupp - 3rd
Steve Clement
Rick Scott
Majestic 70+
Rick Scott - 2nd

Roy Bechtol - Champion

Paul Hewitt
Frank Elo - 3rd

NOTE: Both days events will begin at 8:15 am.

GC, LEGENDS, MASTERS, AND MAJESTIC events will be helded on Friday September 29th and Seniors and SS are on September 30th. On Friday September 29 and Saturday September 30th hitting order will be youngest to oldest. Friday its 55, 60, 65 and 70. Saturday starts with 45 then 50 year olds. Sunday will be a backup date in case of bad weather.

Friday 8:15 for GC
11:00 for legends
1:30 for Masters
4:00 for Majestic
Lunch 12:30 to 1:30

8:15 for Seniors
10:00 for Super Seniors

These are estimated times and will not start before these times but maybe after.

Finals for each division will begin immediately after the preliminary rounds.

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